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  • Resin Jewelry Stand Holder MoldsResin Jewelry Stand Holder Molds New

    When you want to enjoy something that looks really tricky but is simple to make, this resin mold of an antlered deer is going to be it! With plenty of sections to hang earrings and rings and more on it, this is going to be just what you need for…

  • Resin Cube MoldsResin Cube Molds New

    Looking for Resin Cube Mold? You are in the right place. When every part of your home decor has to be customized — even the trinkets — these silicone resin cube molds are going to give you sweet little cubes that are just right for blending in different types of…

  • Square and Rectangle Display Trays Resin MoldsSquare and Rectangle Display Trays Resin Molds New

    These rolling tray resin molds are narrow rectangles or perfect squares and are just right for that catch-all spot on your entryway table or in your bedroom. From storing jewelry to stacking cutlery, you can use these trays however you wish. The customized color and resin design is a fun…

  • No-Touch Door Opener Silicone Resin MoldsNo-Touch Door Opener Silicone Resin Molds New

    Protecting yourself from germs and multi-touch surfaces has never been more important.  If you’re looking for the right tool to help you do that but you don’t know for absolute certainty what shape to get, this collection of Touchless Door Opener Silicone Mold is great. With various shapes and grips. As…

  • Resin Letter MoldWord Resin Mold Family New

    Show how much your family means to you by putting this Alphabet Resin Mold to use to help add literal family decor to your space! Whether it’s for you and your loved ones, or as a housewarming gift to your family, it’ll be a great silicone letter mold to customize.…

  • Paw Print Resin MoldSilicone Paw Resin Molds New

    Animals are great and dogs & cats are amongst the best for most people, and for obvious reasons!  Why not use these Paw Print Resin Molds to help you create excellent party favors or other dog/cat-themed gifts for that person that has everything.  Fun to explore in color use, the…

  • Coaster Pen Holder Resin MoldsCoaster Pen Holder Resin Molds New

    Make your very own jewelry box out using these Resin Jewelry Box and Dish Molds, easily organize all of your pieces in style and you can explore as many colors and resin types as you want to make each layer different!   ★ Product Details: Material: Silicone Mold Size:Square Jewelry Box Mold:…

  • 5-in-1 Resin Coaster Mold5-in-1 Coaster Resin Mold New

    Colorful, sparkling, jewel tones, pastel tones, this fantastic set of resin coaster mold is going to help you create stunning, live-edged, personalized resin coasters for every single person in your life. These are great for home use, display, or a blend both — especially when you start experimenting with glitter!…

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