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Resin Coasters Tutorial

How to Make Resin Coasters? 8 Step Resin Coasters Tutorial

Are you itching to make resin coasters for your coffee table or your best friend’s birthday? If so, this is going to be your informative hub for all things related to DIY coaster making. Maybe you’ve read some of these things before, only to find that the actual creation and design process is much harder […]

Resin Bubbles

8 Tips for Getting Rid of Epoxy Resin Bubbles

Working with resin only to find out that you’ve got stubborn resin bubbles? Learning how to make them literally disappear is one of those things that seems easy, but can actually be tricky unless you’ve got the right advice. Luckily, that’s what this topic is all about! Bubbles in your resin can ruin an otherwise […]

Resin Art Beginner Advice

Top 9 Mistakes Made by Newbie Resin Artists – Resin Art Beginner Advice

It’d be nice if you could simply start resin art and instantly be an expert, right? However, there is a beginner/newbie stage in working with epoxy resin, just any like any other crafting adventure. As an experienced resin artist with over 5 years to back me up, I’m looking forward to sharing my information with […]

What Happened to

What Happened to was a family-focused website established by Disney Interactive shortly after Disney sold the print edition of its Family Fun magazine. Spoonful’s tagline was “Make. Every Day.” It focused on providing inspiring recipes, crafts, activities, and party ideas for families, aiming to help them be more creative.

Mixing Resin

Mixing Resin Tutorial – 8 Tips on How to Mix Resin

Are you still trying to get your head around mixing resin? There’s certainly an art to it, and I’m here to share with you some reliable and helpful tips for making your resin mix as smoothly as possible. Figuratively and literally, of course! Who am I, right? Don’t worry, I’m an experienced resin artist with […]

How to Effectively Preserve Flowers in Resin

Are you starting the exciting adventure of preserving flowers in resin? If so, there’s a whole lot you’ll need to learn about, from what to use for dried flowers for resin, to the step by step guide of its process. I was where you are now only 5 short years ago, but I had to […]

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