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Discover Cut Pile Tufting Guns at TuftingPal

TuftingPal offers a great selection of Cut Pile Tufting Guns. These tufting machines are perfect for making soft, stand-up textures in tufted art. Our AK 1 and TD 1 models are designed for easy use and great results.

A Range of Quality Guns

With The Duo and AK Pro guns, you get more choices for your projects. They are reliable and make crafting enjoyable. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, our guns help you create beautiful cut pile tufting.

Start Crafting with Ease

Our cut pile guns are easy to handle and work with. They make rug tufting fun and simple. With TuftingPal’s selection, you’re sure to find the right rug making tool for your art.


What is Cut Pile

Cut pile is a type of rug or carpet where the yarn loops are cut to create a soft, fluffy surface. When the loops are cut, it makes the rug feel plush and comfortable.

This type of pile is often used in homes because it feels nice underfoot and looks luxurious. The cut yarn ends give the rug a textured appearance.

However, because the yarn ends are open, cut pile rugs can sometimes trap more dirt and might need more careful cleaning.

They’re popular for creating a cozy and warm feeling in a room.

Cut Pile vs Loop Pile Tufting Gun: Difference Between Cut Pile and Loop Pile Tufting Gun

Cut pile and loop pile tufting guns are tools used to make rugs. They are different in how they make the rug’s surface:

  1. Cut Pile:
    • How it Looks: Makes the rug soft and fluffy. It cuts the yarn loops so the rug feels plush.
    • Feel: Very soft to touch.
    • Use: Good for soft, cozy rugs.
    • Cleaning: A bit hard to clean because dirt can get stuck in the fluffy yarn.
  2. Loop Pile:
    • How it Looks: Keeps the yarn loops uncut, so the rug has lots of small loops.
    • Feel: Smooth and strong.
    • Use: Great for rugs in busy places because it’s tough.
    • Cleaning: Easier to clean as dirt doesn’t get trapped easily.

In short, cut pile guns make fluffy, soft rugs, and loop pile guns make smooth, strong rugs. The choice depends on what kind of rug you want.