Keychain Molds

Decorate your keys with a touch of DIY flair. These silicone Keychain Molds will offer you all sorts of shapes, and designs for everyone in your life. Choose from self-defence tools that look cute, and touch-free fobs and tools for ATMs, door handles, and more.

All simple to use and ready for personalization, these silicone molds are durable, reusable, and ready for your epoxy resin to make them whatever color and design that you want for your design plans.

  • Resin Defense Keychain MoldResin Defense Keychain Mold New

    There’s no time for second-best when it comes to self defense. Now you can explore the best tools right at home with these Resin Self Defense Keychain Mold that are designed to clip right to your keychain. You can customize these in the resin that you use for flair and fashion,…

  • Self Defense Keychain Resin MoldsSelf Defense Keychain Resin Molds New

    While no one ever wants to be in a situation where they need self defense, there’s something to be said for knowing that you’ve got molds for self defense tools if the need ever pops up. Whether it’s just to ease your mind or to give you unique and memorable…

  • Self Defense Animals Keychain Resin MoldsSelf Defense Animals Keychain Resin Molds New

    While thinking about the need to defend yourself may be unsettling, it can be helpful to know that it can be fun to make the actual devices that you can always have onhand.  Take these Self Defense Silicone molds, for instance.  They’re fun animal shapes with lots of options for color exploration,…

  • No-Touch Door Opener Silicone Resin MoldsNo-Touch Door Opener Silicone Resin Molds New

    Protecting yourself from germs and multi-touch surfaces has never been more important.  If you’re looking for the right tool to help you do that but you don’t know for absolute certainty what shape to get, this collection of Touchless Door Opener Silicone Mold is great. With various shapes and grips. As…

  • Touchless Keychain Resin MoldsTouchless Keychain Resin Molds New

    These days, the less things you touch, the better. These Silicone Touchless Keychain Resin Molds are going to help you create stunning and sophisticated pieces that are colorful, glittery, or whatever release you want. They attach to your keychain, too, to always be accessible for opening doors, using ATMs, and…