Resin Jewelry Molds

Your choice of accessories is more than just what you can find in a shop. These Resin Jewelry Molds are going to give you all sorts of options for pendants, earrings, and more.

Ready for your favorite epoxy resin, these durable silicone molds can be used for your jewelry making business, or just for designing your very own, totally unique jewelry pieces.

There are also molds for trinket boxes, jewelry trees, jewelry boxes with organized and tiered compartments, and even false gemstones.

  • Silicone Resin Jewelry Box Moldresin trinket box mold New

    When you’ve got organization on the mind for something as tricky as jewelry, why not make your very own jewelry box out using a Silicone Resin Jewelry Box Mold? Shaped like a blossom, this features a hinged top and compartments inside that allow you to easily organize all of your…

  • Crystal Resin MoldsCrystal Resin Molds New

    Decorative crystals are so fun and great for customization. Now you can go with a true custom design with these Diamond Resin Mold. With 4 different sizes, you can use your favorite color, sparkles, and anything else needed to DIY crystal resin jewelry, or make diamonds to decorate your shelf, basket,…

  • Earring Molds for ResinEarring Resin Molds New

    When you’re hoping to take the DIY jewelry world by storm, it all starts with the right Earring Molds for Resin .  These are going to give you plenty of fun with shape, depth and size and it’ll be a great option for when you are hunting for something entirely unique. You can play…

  • Resin Jewelry Stand Holder MoldsResin Jewelry Stand Holder Molds New

    When you want to enjoy something that looks really tricky but is simple to make, this resin mold of an antlered deer is going to be it! With plenty of sections to hang earrings and rings and more on it, this is going to be just what you need for…

  • Resin Storage Box MoldResin Storage Box Mold New

    This Large Silicone Resin Trinket Box Mold will give you the fixings to create your very own decorative trinket box out of whatever epoxy resin is your favorite! Durable and designed to be customized to whatever you have in mind, this mold is going to help you customize the decor…

  • Jewelry Storage Box Resin Mold OctagonJewelry Storage Box Resin Mold Octagon New

    Jewelry display and storage can be a fun process, especially when you’ve got these durable silicone resin jewelry box molds to guide you. Lightweight, easy to make and customize and designed to tier with a lid, this is perfect for unique display and storage. They also make great gifts for…

  • Resin Pendant MoldsResin Pendant Molds New

    There’s never been a better pendant mold for resin collection to choose from when it comes to designing jewelry for everyone. With many different sizes and shapes, these pendant options are intended to be custom-designed, and perfected right down to your tastes so that you can sell them or wear them…

  • Skull Bracelet Resin MoldsSkull Bracelet Resin Molds New

    Skulls are great decorations, but hard to make. Unless you’ve got this Resin Bead Mold waiting for you. This makes quick work of accurate skull beads that you can string on a bracelet and enjoy in perfect accuracy, customized to whatever color and resin design you want to use! Reliable…

  • resin crystal moldscrystal silicone mold New

    Chunky crystals are great display pieces, especially when you want that translucent effect. These Silicone epoxy resin crystal molds are going to be perfect when you are looking specifically at creating that natural stone look. No matter what color, or how you use them, they’re going to add prestige to…

  • Resin Earring MoldsResin Earring Molds New

    Earrings are so personal from person to person, especially when it comes to color. Why not make a custom pair with these silicone resin earring molds? With plenty of shapes and styles to choose from, you can apply your favorite resin to every single and design your very own unique earrings…

  • Resin Molds for PendantResin Molds for Pendant New

    Made out of a durable and easy-use silicone, these resin earring molds with paw print shape and heart shape will help you explore your love for cat themed accessories.  From the tiny miniature paws to the heart, these molds make a great start for those who are looking for cat-themed…

  • Resin Jewelry MoldsResin Jewelry Molds New

    This set of 7 different Resin Pendant Molds are going to be preformed if you’ve ever wanted to make your own pendants, and help you to design unique and fashionable pendants that you can keep yourself, as gift to friends, or sell as a side jewelry business when you need to earn…

  • Antler Resin MoldAntler Resin Mold New

    Making your own ring holder is such a fun use of your time.  It will add custom decor to your bathroom or bedroom and it also serves a practical purpose, too. With lots of space for hanging rings or stacking fashion earrings, these are great for use at home or anywhere…

  • Round Silicone Resin Jewelry Box MoldJewelry Storage Box Mold Round New

    A jewelry box doesn’t have to be a classic box.  If you want to play around with resin molds and great something stunning, this tiered Round Silicone Resin Jewelry Box Mold will help you design your very own display box.  Designed in layers and each one ready to be made…

  • Silicone Resin Earring Molds, Versatile Nature-Inspired, 4PCS per SetEarring Resin Molds New

    Earrings are wonderful accessories for everyday wear, but making sure that you are wearing ones that you love from top to bottom is important! These Silicone Earring Molds for Resin are perfect for customizing and personalizing with whatever color and sparkle you want to. All big and bold, these are…

  • Resin Earring MoldsResin Molds for Earring New

    You haven’t got time to waste wearing store designed earrings, and these Silicone Earring Resin Molds will give you plenty of room to use resin and a bit of imagination to create your very own styles. From opaque and classic to intricate and streamlined, these silicone earring molds are going to…