Resin Jewelry Molds

  • Resin Molds for Beads EarringsResin Molds for Beads Earrings

    There’s so much subtlety in drop earrings that make them the perfect choice when you are exploring custom design.  These Set of 5 Silicone Resin Bead Earring Molds designs are all about refined and elegant taste, especially when it comes to the idea of customizing colors or even creating mismatched pairs…

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  • Earring MoldsEarring Molds

    Style looks a little different for all of us. When you are in the business of jewelry making, allow these silicone resin earring molds to help you create all sorts of combinations, blends and styles of earrings with a solid silicone mold design to keep the production coming. Perfect for…

  • Resin Earring MoldsResin Earring Molds

    Looking for unique resin earring molds for your custom jewelry DIY? These are going to be just the silicone jewelry molds to use for creating your own styles. These molds are in all sorts of shapes and sizes to give you every option under the sun, including layering, resin additives…

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  • Resin Molds for Spike PendantResin Molds for Spike Pendant

    Whether you’re looking to make jewelry with a spike vibe to it, or you’re instead going for something more practical such as a plumbob, this Resin Pendant Mold is going to give you the perfect starting point.  Working with your choice of resin color, this silicone mold will help you…

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  • Square Silicone Resin Trinket Box MoldResin Mold for Jewelry Storage Box Square

    Whether you want to make one of these jewelry boxes once, or several times, or even for all of your friends, these Square Silicone Resin Trinket Box Molds are just waiting for your favorite resin! From colored to clear with sparkles, to a little bit of both, these molds will…

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  • Resin Trinket Box MoldResin Trinket Box Mold

    This silicone Trinket Box Mold for Resin will change the way that you look at resin design forever! With lots of detail and texture, this conch features texture lines and a deep cavity that is going to give you practical storage with so much seaside feel, it’ll fit right in.…

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  • Versatile Silicone Resin Earring Molds Set, 12PCSEarring Resin Molds

    Earring shapes and sizes are often hard to get just right. Now you can explore all of the shapes, shapes and sizes you could hope for in these Versatile Silicone Resin Earring Molds Set. With plenty of variety to choose from, it’ll be easier than ever to pull it all…

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