Resin Molds

  • Coaster Pen Holder Resin MoldsCoaster Pen Holder Resin Molds

    Make your very own jewelry box out using these Resin Jewelry Box and Dish Molds, easily organize all of your pieces in style and you can explore as many colors and resin types as you want to make each layer different!   ★ Product Details: Material: Silicone Mold Size:Square Jewelry Box Mold:…

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  • Resin Ornament Molds for ChristmasChristmas Tree Ornament Resin Molds

    If you love the idea of making your own Ornament but you want them to be nice and pristine, this Resin Ornament Mold for Christmas are perfect.  With elves, angels, snowmen and Christmas trees, you can fill them with your favorite Christmas-themed resin and design Christmas tree ornaments for everyone…

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  • Resin Jewelry MoldsResin Jewelry Molds

    This set of 7 different Resin Pendant Molds are going to be preformed if you’ve ever wanted to make your own pendants, and help you to design unique and fashionable pendants that you can keep yourself, as gift to friends, or sell as a side jewelry business when you need to earn…

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  • Resin Picture Frame MoldPhoto Frame Resin Molds

    Giving a photo to someone special is great, but making them their very own customized resin photo frame is even better! This kit includes resin picture frame molds that will give you a great way to display this photo with lots of personalized aspects, especially in that you can use…

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  • Succulent Pot Resin MoldSucculent Pot Resin Mold

    For the gardener in your life that enjoys nothing but the best planters, this resin pot mold will give you the potential for creating not only good quality and durable pots, but also customized ones. Using your favorite resin, you can design square and circular pots for their succulents or starters,…

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  • Silicone Number Puzzle Resin MoldsSilicone Puzzle Resin Molds

    If you’ve got little ones in your household, this customizable Silicone Number Resin Puzzle Mold will be a great DIY kit!  This is a number resin mold kit that is going to be great when you’re looking at blending numbers and a basic background together,   For modern convenience, too, both of…

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  • Antler Resin MoldAntler Resin Mold

    Making your own ring holder is such a fun use of your time.  It will add custom decor to your bathroom or bedroom and it also serves a practical purpose, too. With lots of space for hanging rings or stacking fashion earrings, these are great for use at home or anywhere…

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  • $3.97$11.97

    Want customized ruler and protractors with your own style and favorite features? these silicone resin ruler molds are up to the task. With all of the right angles and swoops just waiting for you to fill with your favorite resin, this will change your school supplies for the better! Fun way to…

  • Resin Defense Keychain MoldResin Defense Keychain Mold

    There’s no time for second-best when it comes to self defense. Now you can explore the best tools right at home with these Resin Self Defense Keychain Mold that are designed to clip right to your keychain. You can customize these in the resin that you use for flair and fashion,…

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  • $5.97$17.97

    Never thought you’d need a resin soap dish mold to be custom-designed, did you? These soap dish made by our grooved resin soap dish molds will be perfect for holding your bar of soap safe and sound and still giving a touch of presence to your space. When you want to…

  • 3-tier Resin Stand Tray Mold3-tier Resin Stand Tray Mold

    Serving dessert, appetizers or just fruit means displaying it beautifully.  Do you know what goes into the proper match for a tiered tray?  This one is going to be delightful in all of its details, no matter what you want most!  In 3 nesting sizes with matching edges, these trays…

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  • $19.97

    Step up your home decor using this resin tray mold with its rectangular shape to form the bottom of this serving tray. The ideal starting piece for playing with rolling tray molds, this is great for any room in your home and is going to make for a wonderful gift…

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  • resin trinket box moldResin Trinket Box Mold

    If you want to store things in style, allow this Resin Trinket Box Mold to show you how it’s done. With beautiful crystal-like shaping and texturing, this relies on durable resin to form the perfectly sized decorative jar, complete with a lid! Perfect as a gift or for a special,…

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  • Square and Rectangle Display Trays Resin MoldsSquare and Rectangle Display Trays Resin Molds

    These rolling tray resin molds are narrow rectangles or perfect squares and are just right for that catch-all spot on your entryway table or in your bedroom. From storing jewelry to stacking cutlery, you can use these trays however you wish. The customized color and resin design is a fun…

  • Round Silicone Resin Jewelry Box MoldJewelry Storage Box Mold Round

    A jewelry box doesn’t have to be a classic box.  If you want to play around with resin molds and great something stunning, this tiered Round Silicone Resin Jewelry Box Mold will help you design your very own display box.  Designed in layers and each one ready to be made…

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  • Rune Stones Resin MoldRune Stones Resin Mold

    If you love the idea of a resin rune mold, then we’ve got just the one for you!  A true option for those who wish to explore the world of DIY game piece molds,  this is going to be a worthwhile purchase for those who are into games, or those…