Resin Tray Mold

You obviously want your dessert or creation to be the center of attention, but that doesn’t mean you can put some special time into the tray that you serve or display it on.

These Resin Tray Molds are going to give you no shortage of options.

From tiered ones for dessert or appetizers for guests, to classic metal framed options for the bathroom or bedroom, to ashtrays and even cheese boards, you’ve got lots of footprints to choose from for your resin designs!

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    Your search for a framed tray just got a whole lot better with this circular resin tray mold. It’ll form the base of the tray and you can customize it for every room in your home. A subtle touch, yet an important one for home decor, you’ll want one of…

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    Whether it’s a catch-all on your entryway table or a serving tray in the bathroom, this pie piece shaped resin tray mold will help you create a stunning customized resin tray that will look entirely unique — which it is! Designed for your favorite epoxy resin, this is just the…

  • Silicone Resin Tray MoldSilicone Resin Tray Mold New -11% Off

    You’ve never in your life seen something as transcendent as this.  Truly remarkable, these Resin Cutting Board Molds are going to help you design gorgeous cutting board and/or trivets that are great for entertaining or just general decor. Whether you want to create a seascape or go with a pop…

  • 3-tier Resin Stand Tray Mold3-tier Resin Stand Tray Mold New

    Serving dessert, appetizers or just fruit means displaying it beautifully.  Do you know what goes into the proper match for a tiered tray?  This one is going to be delightful in all of its details, no matter what you want most!  In 3 nesting sizes with matching edges, these trays…

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    Step up your home decor using this resin tray mold with its rectangular shape to form the bottom of this serving tray. The ideal starting piece for playing with rolling tray molds, this is great for any room in your home and is going to make for a wonderful gift…

  • Square and Rectangle Display Trays Resin MoldsSquare and Rectangle Display Trays Resin Molds New

    These rolling tray resin molds are narrow rectangles or perfect squares and are just right for that catch-all spot on your entryway table or in your bedroom. From storing jewelry to stacking cutlery, you can use these trays however you wish. The customized color and resin design is a fun…

  • 3 Tiered Serving Dessert Resin Tray Mold3 Tier Resin Tray Mold New

    How you serve dessert or appetizers goes a long way when it comes to the overall aesthetic of the experience for your guests. This 3 Tiered Serving Dessert Resin Tray Mold is going to give you a chance to personalize serving tray. Whatever color you choose, whatever size tier you…