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Smooth Finishes with Our Rug Shearing Tools

Hey there, rug crafters! Want to give your rugs that professional, smooth look? TuftingPal’s Rug Shearing tools are here to help. Shearing is all about getting that even, plush surface that feels great underfoot.

Easy-to-Use Tools for Perfect Rugs

We know shearing can be tricky, so we’ve got tools that are easy to use.

They’re designed to help you trim and level your rugs without a fuss. Whether you’re working on a small piece or a large area rug, our shearing tools make the job simple.

Quality Shearing for Every Rug

Our shearing tools aren’t just about making things easy; they’re about quality. With these in your toolkit, you can ensure your rugs have a consistently high-quality finish.

Say goodbye to uneven surfaces and hello to beautifully sheared rugs.

Shop now and make your rugs look their absolute best!

What is Rug Shearing

Rug shearing is about trimming the top layer of a rug so it’s smooth and even. It helps your rug look neat and feel soft. Shearing removes excess yarn, making the pile the same height all over. It’s a key step to finish a rug and make it look its best.

How to Shear a Rug?

To shear a rug, use shearing scissors or a machine. Lay your rug flat. Trim the top yarn evenly. Go slow to keep the height the same. It’s like giving your rug a gentle haircut.

The different between Rug Shearing & Rug Carving

Rug shearing is evening out your rug. It’s like a haircut for a neat finish. Rug carving is more about making patterns. It adds details to your rug. Shearing is for smoothness, carving for design.