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Get Your Tufting Backing Right Here

Hey tufters! Looking for something to back your rugs? You’re at the right spot! CraftsPal has a variety of Tufting Backing materials. These backings give your rugs the finish and strength they need.

Options for Every Project

Choose from our Anti-Slip Backing for safety, Mesh Final Backing Cloth for a neat finish, or Grey Recycled Polyester Felt for an eco-friendly choice. They’re all about making your rugs sturdy and awesome.

Durable and Easy-to-Use

Our Tufting Backing materials are easy to apply and they make your rugs last. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, our backings will help you step up your rug game.

Ready to finish your rug project? Head to CraftsPal for top Tufting Backing options. Shop now and get crafting!

What is Tufting Backing?

Tufting Backing is the material you put on the back of tufted rugs. It makes the rug stronger and helps keep the yarn in place.

There are different types, like Anti-Slip Backing for more safety and Mesh Backing for a neat finish. Backing is key to make sure your rug stays together and looks good for a long time.

How to Back a Tufted Rug?

To back a tufted rug, first, choose your backing material, like our Anti-Slip or Mesh Cloth.

After finishing your tufting, apply a layer of adhesive to the back of the rug, or you can try our Hot Melt Adhesive Mesh. Then, press your chosen backing material onto it. Let it dry completely.

This process makes your rug sturdy and helps keep the design in place.

Backing is an important step to ensure your tufted rug lasts longer and looks great.