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The Right Tufting Cloth for Every Creation

TuftingPal offers a wide selection of Tufting Cloth to suit any project. From primary tufting cloth available in white and gray to sturdy Burlap, Monk cloth, we’ve got you covered.

Variety and Quality in One Place

Our collection includes Tufting Rug Backing and Hot Melt Adhesive Mesh, ensuring your tufted creations are durable and well-supported.

For those who prefer natural materials, Burlap for Tufting is a great choice.

We also offer Mesh Backing for Rugs and Grey Recycled Polyester Felt Backing Cloth, catering to different styles and sustainability needs.

Your One-Stop Shop for Tufting Supplies

TuftingPal is dedicated to providing quality materials for all tufters. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, find the perfect tufting fabric for your next project with us.

Ready to start your tufting project? Visit TuftingPal for a wide selection of Tufting Cloth and backing materials. Shop now and bring your creative ideas to life!

What is Tufting Cloth?

Tufting cloth is the fabric you use for tufting, like when you make rugs.

It’s tough and holds the yarn well. There’s different kinds, like basic white and gray cloth, and monk cloth, burlap, etc

Each type works well for different kinds of projects. It’s a big deal for tufting because it holds your design together.

Where to Buy Tufting Cloth?

You can buy all sorts of Tufting Cloth at TuftingPal!

We have basic cloth, monk cloth, and even eco-friendly stuff. Whether you’re new to tufting or a real expert, we have what you need.

Check us out online and see all the cool tufting materials we have. Happy crafting!