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How to keep tufting machine running smoothly

Tufting Gun Maintenance and Care: Tips on How to keep tufting machine running smoothly

If you’re an avid tufting enthusiast like us, you probably know how expensive a tufting gun can be. It is not only an essential tool but can also be a very pricey investment. 

So if you want your gun to last for years, it’s essential to pay close attention to its maintenance and care requirements. 

We’ve created an easy-to-follow guide to assist you in the best way possible regarding tufting gun maintenance.

An In-Depth Look At Tufting Gun Maintenance

Out of all your tufting equipment, the tufting gun is the most used item. The tufting gun feeds the yarn into the backing cloth continuously. And this repeated movement creates frictional resistance, which can cause your machine to overheat over time and possibly damage the motor.

It is necessary to keep the frictional resistance of the tufting gun low for it to run smoothly. The tiniest amount of strain in these movements might cause the machine to heat up, even overheat, and eventually stop working.

We’ve compiled some helpful tips to keep your tufting gun working like new.

Always unplug the socket first

Safety first, always disconnect your tufting gun from the socket before performing any repair to eliminate the possibility of accidental damage to yourself or the machine. When threading the tufting gun, always ensure it is unplugged and turned off. If you ever hear any unexpected noises or cracks, stop and disconnect the motor immediately. Make sure always to examine and tighten the parts manually before you start tufting again.

Keep your tufting gun lubricated.

Avoid situations like overheating, by lubricating your gun from time to time. When it comes to preventing excessive frictional resistance, proper lubrication makes all the difference. If you’re going to use your tufting gun a lot, make sure it’s lubricated before you start working with it.

Keep your tufting gun lubricated | Tufting Gun Maintenance

Lubrication will also help your tufting gun in shock absorption. It will also increase the longevity of your equipment by reducing friction and minimizing corrosion. 

The wrong choice of lubricants such as sewing machine oil can cause your machine to degrade over time. We strongly advise against using sewing machine oil for lubrication. These are designed specifically for sewing machine’s gears and create grip. Whilst the tufting gun needs to move smoothly without any added grip. 

A good choice of lubricant is knitting machine oil. Lubricating your tufting gun might seem like a very time-consuming process, but it will pay off in the longer run. So try to oil your tufting gun at least once a month.

Brush away dust and fiber

Sometimes you might notice that your gun is not feeding the yarn correctly and is producing messy globs of yarn. It’s probably because the fibers from your previous session are stuck inside and are jamming the entire gun. Simply brushing any residual fibers after every tufting session can help you avoid these minor obstacles.

A knotted or fuzzy yarn can cause the gun to jam, so make sure your yarn feed is smooth and free of interruptions before using it. Always feed it through the eyelet on the tufting gun before feeding it through the needle to avoid it becoming intertwined in the machine’s moving parts.

Brush away dust and fiber | Tufting Gun Maintenance

You can also use an air duster, air compressor, or a little brush to get the fibers out.

Don’t overwork your tufting gun.

You may find yourself working on a project with a tight deadline, requiring you to spend long hours working. Make sure you take frequent pauses to avoid overworking your tufting machine and causing it to overheat. Take short breaks to let it cool down during long projects. Taking breaks will also help you relax, as we all know how heavy tufting machines can get when you have to use them for more extended periods.


What oil should I use on my tufting gun?

You can use any standard lubricating oil. You can find one at your nearest hardware store. Just make sure that it’s clear & not very greasy so that your yarn doesn’t get dirty in the process.

How often should I oil my tufting gun?

As a general rule, you should lubricate your tufting gun once a month at the very minimum. It is necessary to lubricate your tufting gun more frequently if you work longer hours. 

If you’ve low pile machines, try to oil at least once a month. 

In the case of high pile machines, you will need to oil more frequently. Since these machines run at a higher speed, they require frequent lubrication. 

How to oil my tufting gun?

Lubricate the machine’s four rods near the square white bearings with a few drops of lubricating oil. When lubricating your tufting gun, ensure that it’s unplugged. If you accidentally put too much oil on it, just wipe it away with a cloth.

Can you use WD40 on a tufting gun?

WD in WD40 stands for Water Displacement, 40th formula. It protects your equipment from moisture, but it is not a very good lubricant. Many lubricant oils are readily available at your local hardware store. You can use WD40 in an emergency if you only have that on hand. It will not harm your machine, but it’s not the best one for long-term use.

What do you use to clean a tufting gun?

You may have noticed tiny fibers stuck to your gun after you’ve finished tufting. You can get rid of them with a brush. After that, wipe your gun down with soft cotton or linen cloth to remove any remaining residue. Some fuzzy fibers may be stuck in places your brush or cloth cannot reach. To remove them, use a Q-tip or a toothpick.

Proper gun maintenance and care are essential for a tufting gun to perform well. The key elements to maintaining your gun are lubricating, cleaning the tufting gun, and using good quality rug yarns. These steps should be taken before every use to ensure that your designs come out looking their best.

With these simple tips and tricks, you can be sure to have a quality tufting gun that will last for years. 

Check out our tufting guns and be inspired to start your tufting journey today!

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