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How To Clean Handmade Tufted Rugs

How To Clean Handmade Tufted Rugs

Whether you have made your handmade tufted rug yourself or you bought it, it still is a precious item in your house. You want to keep it clean and maintain it to give it a few extra years of life. But most of all, you want to avoid stains, pet hair, and dirt from finding […]

Tufting Gun for Beginners FAQs

Your Tufting Gun And Rug Tufting Questions Answered For Beginners

Rug tufting is a complex topic that requires many hours of practice just to wrap your head around it. The same applies to using a tufting gun which is an indispensable tool to get your tufting just right. This is why we are dedicating these posts to helping you take your first steps in the […]

Best Rug Yarn for Tufting

Best Rug Yarns For Tufting – What Yarn Should You Use For Tufting?

When it comes to tufting, the rug yarn you choose can make or break your rug. Not all yarn types are right for the rug you want to tuft. If your rug will cover a heavy traffic area, then you need a yarn that is durable and can handle the wear and tear more efficiently.  […]

Cut Pile Tufting Gun Not Cutting The Yarn

Why Is My Cut Pile Tufting Gun Not Cutting The Yarn?

A cut pile tufting gun has a pair of scissors with one job. They just cut the yarn and make the rug look neat with an even pile. But every so often, the cut pile will simply not cut. Is it the yarn? The scissors? Or is it you? When you’re new to using the […]

Why is my tufting cloth ripping

Why Is My Tufting Cloth Ripping?

Tufters, especially novice ones, often face the problem of tufting cloth ripping or having holes in the fabric. These ugly gaps can ruin the whole design and waste hours of work. However, these issues are easy to fix and even easier to avoid. Read on to find out why you get holes in your tufting […]

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